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Financial Resources: the role of the Luxembourg Government

Since its creation in 1999, the ATTF has been providing technical assistance through government funding in financial matters to ca. 55 partner institutions in more than 40 developing countries. Today, we remain the partner of choice for the Luxembourg government, in the field of knowledge transfer in financial services from its economy to selected beneficiaries. Funding for almost all the activities of the ATTF both in Luxembourg and abroad comes from the Luxembourg government, notably the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MINFIN) and the Ministre de la Coopération et de l’Action Humanitaire (COOP). Since its first beginnings, the ATTF has been working closely together with the Government of Luxembourg, without whose funding, our activities abroad would not have been possible. The close collaboration between the ATTF and the Luxembourg state, shines a light on Luxembourg as a proactive contributor to world development assistance, prosperity and as a leading global financial center.


Official Partner Countries

As mentioned above, the House of Training / ATTF currently cooperates with over 40 partner countries. These countries range from the most recent joiners of the EU, developing and emerging countries, to official partner countries from all over the world which are selected by the Luxembourg state. With regards to the official partner countries, assistance activities may be subsidized.

In the first instance, the House of Training / ATTF develops an assistance strategy with each official partner country, which is elaborated over a 3-year period, containing an action plan that is annually agreed upon. Subsequently and prior to approval from the Luxembourg state, the activities of the action plans are delivered, according to the conditions agreed with the country in question and where necessary, contribution of costs will be made.

For multinational courses taking place in Luxembourg, such contributions take form of payments for subsidized subscription fees and flight tickets, whilst for trainings delivered locally with our partner countries, this concerns the organizational costs for running the seminars and potentially also examination fees (if applicable). In order to increase the overall volume of our assistance, the co-financing of training activities with official partner countries may also be possible under particular circumstances.

Whilst the number of subsidized seminars is restricted, additional programmes may be delivered against payment. This is possible for both official partner countries and for any other interested party seeking training or assistance of the kind that the House of Training / ATTF can provide.

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