From 02 Oct 2017 to 04 Oct 2017    Financial Institution Corporate Governance - (ILA cours premium)    in Tunis / Tunisia

Financial Resources

Currently, the House of Training - ATTF cooperates with over 40 countries ranging from the most recent joiners of the EU, developing and emerging countries and official country partners selected by the Luxembourg State all over the world.

In the case of official country partners, assistance activities may be subsidized. As a first step, the House of Training - ATTF develops an assistance strategy with each official country partner, which is elaborated using a 3 year time horizon and with action plans that are agreed annually. Then, subject to prior approval by the Luxembourg state, the activities in the action plans are delivered, according to the conditions agreed with the country in question and where any necessary contributions to cost have been made.

For courses in Luxembourg, such contributions take the form of payments for subsidized subscription fees and flight tickets, whilst for trainings delivered locally with our country partners, this concerns the organizational costs for running the seminars and potentially also examination fees where these are applicable. The co-financing of activities with official country partners may also possible under agreed circumstances, in order to increase the overall volume of assistance possible.

Whilst the number of subsidized seminars is restricted, additional programmes may be delivered against payment. This is possible both for partner countries or for any other interested party seeking training or assistance of the kind that the House of Training - ATTF can provide.  

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