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History of the House of Training - ATTF

Fostering inclusion and development through training

The House of Training – ATTF has its roots set firmly in the history of Luxembourg’s financial sector. 

The 1990s

Beginning in the 1990s, when Eastern European countries started to gain their independence, the European Union asked for development assistance from all its member countries to facilitate this transition. Our political leaders were convinced that strong financial sectors would bring prosperity, sustained development and peace to these regions. Being well known as an international financial, Luxembourg chose through its Ministry of Finance to provide technical assistance to these countries on a bi-lateral basis through the Luxembourg Institute for Training in Banking or “IFBL". Bankers from these countries were invited to attend seminars and receive technical assistance. The activity grew significantly over the years, to the point that the creation of a new entity became necessary to manage this and which was called the “Agence de Transfer de Technologie Financière” or “ATTF”.   

Into the 2000s

The ATTF was formally established in 1999 with the mission to be the partner of choice for the Luxembourg state, in the field of knowledge transfer from its economy to its selected emerging or developing countries. The developing countries in question where those looking to become part of European and countries with the lowest levels of economic development, elsewhere in the world.

Since its establishment, the ATTF has delivered more than 1,300 training seminars (of approximately 300 have been in Luxembourg and the rest throughout the world) and has trained over 25,000 people. Many seminars have been organised together with the IFBL and its respected quality circles.

In 2015

The House of Training was formally established in 2015, bringing together under one single roof the "Luxembourg School for Commerce" (LSC), training institute of the Chamber of Commerce, and the "Institut de Formation Bancaire, Luxembourg" (IFBL), the training institute of the Luxembourg Bankers’ Association.

2016 - ATTF joins the House of Training

On the 1st of January 2016, the ATTF was officially integrated into the House of Training.

By joining the two prestigious institutions above under the single roof of the House of Training, the ATTF effectively came full circle to rejoin its originating entity, the IFBL, and has gained in addition new colleagues from the LSC with new and valuable resources to enrich the work that it does. 

The former activity and staff of the ATTF has been fully integrated into the House of Training. Today, the House of Training continues to master the complexity, special expertise and know-how to deliver these international activities, which it does with great pride and the support of its new and valued colleagues.

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