From 02 Oct 2017 to 04 Oct 2017    Financial Institution Corporate Governance - (ILA – cours premium)    in Tunis / Tunisia

Vision & Mission

Our vision

To be the partner of choice for the Luxembourg state, in the field of knowledge transfer from its economy to its selected development partners.

Our mission

  • To strengthen the financial structure in the countries of its partners, support development and to fight poverty whilst highlighting Luxembourg’s expertise in finance.
  • To help businesses consolidate, develop, and plan their employees’ knowledge and skills in order to increase their competitiveness on an ongoing basis.
  • To offer individuals continuing professional training opportunities in support of their personal and professional development and encourage the spirit of enterprise.
  • To collaborate with pivotal partners such as federations trade associations and public institutions, in order to become a skills platform offering high-quality training certifications.
  • To collaborate in partnership with our funding clients and to build, maintain and deliver high quality learning resources that fit their needs.
  • To promote the expertise of Luxembourg in Finance and help it to position itself favorably in its external economic relations.
  • To manage, guide, and assist the learning and development needs of our client’s selected beneficiaries.

Our philosophy

Inclusion and development through training and the sharing of Luxembourg’s financial expertise.

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