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Who we are

The House of Training was formally established in 2015, bringing together, under one single roof, two long standing training institutes renowned for their expertise and their vast offerings in the field of continuing vocational training in Luxembourg. These institutions were the « Luxembourg School for Commerce » (LSC), training institute of the Chamber of Commerce, and the « Institut de Formation Bancaire, Luxembourg » (IFBL), the training institute of the Luxembourg Bankers Association. (Please see the website of the House of Training).

On the 1st of January 2016, the staff and activities of the ATTF S.A. were integrated into the aforementioned House of Training, bringing with it significant synergies and a strong international dimension. The former activities of the ATTF S.A. were officially and fully integrated into the House of Training. Careful attention is given to building new foundations for the delivery of its services and its continued success in the years to come as part of the House of Training.

The House of Training seeks through its ATTF or international activities to be the partner of choice for the Luxembourg State, in the field of knowledge transfer from its economy to its selected development partner countries. The House of Training offers internationally oriented seminars and provides technical assistance in specified technical knowledge in banking, capital markets and other vocational sectors both in Luxembourg and at international level. The technical assistance is mostly provided through government funding to ca. 55 partner institutions in more than 40 countries.

The integration of the ATTF S.A. into the House of Training has made not only 'ATTF style' programmes more available to non-partner countries on a paying basis, but has also increased access to a far wider range of vocational House of Training resources covering subject areas that are not just financial but commercial also.

House of Training – ATTF's Team Members

Mr Nico Binsfeld

Mr. Ben Lyon

 CEO House of Training

 Head of International Affairs ATTF
Mrs. Tisiana Baguet   Project Manager ATTF
Ms. Hilda Lutgen  Project Manager ATTF
Mrs. Luciele Milani  Project Officer ATTF
Mrs. Claire Mozet  Programme Coordinator ATTF
Ms. Corine Klip Programme Coordinator ATTF
Mr. Pierre Putz  Administration and Accounting Officer
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