From 23 Apr 2018 to 26 Apr 2018    IFRS9    in Tbilisi / Georgia



Nino Jeladze - Georgia
Head of Compliance and AML Unit - Procreditbank

About International Foundation Level for Compliance Officer Function
2018-03-26 / Tbilisi

It was an excellent combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience of the trainer. Specific examples from practice helped me to get more insight in prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing in European countries. Overview of European regulations is helpful for future development of AML regulations of Georgia. The only recommendation is to increase the frequency of such workshops.


Doi Noi Nguyen - Vietnam - Eximbank

About Vietnam Bank Management Workshop- Key Operational Aspects
2018-03-19 / Luxembourg

The programme is good for the career path of participants who can identify their strengths as well as their weaknesses (and improve themselves). The programme is good too for networking and sharing information among participants. We all like to take part in alumniís activities of the ATTF, as well as activities of the House of Training.


Dimitrov Blagoj - Macedonia - TTK Banka AD Skopje

About Selling Financial Services and Managing Client Relationships
2018-03-19 / Macedonia

Iím pleased that this seminar met my expectations because they were very high. The course of the seminar was perfect, the discussed subjects were explained properly and there were actual situations role played in front of the group. We got proper explanations and guidance through our everyday situations for better way to handle them. The lecturer was great!


Mr Demal Mrndic - Bosnia and Herzegovina
Independent expert advisor in AML CTF Directorate - Sparkasse bank dd BiH

About Certification Programme: Prevention of Money Laundering & Counter-Terrorist Financing (AML & CTF) Foundation Level
2018-03-12 / Luxembourg

The seminar did meet my expectations. All professors were very good in their presentations and responded to every question we asked. The professor gave us a lot of examples that we can use in our day to day business.
I expect to use this knowledge and examples in my day to day business. Also, this seminar is an opportunity to learn about practices from other countries and jurisdictions. I think that this foundation level is the first step in order to reach advanced level and certification.


Fjolla Aliu - Kosovo
Assistant Specialist - Banka KombŽtare Tregtare (BKT)

About Certification Programme: Prevention of Money Laundering & Counter-Terrorist Financing (AML & CTF) Foundation Level
2018-03-12 / Luxembourg

Through the AML/CFT program Iíve gained and expanded my knowledge about my field and also different perspectives about preventing and detecting AML/CFT as itís main goal by saving lives. I seek to transmit the gained knowledge in my daily work and really try to think outside the box by elaborating the practical international side of working in AML. I see this seminar as an opportunity to upgrade on a higher level of my professional career and help me to seek further for these best international practices expertise in my personal development.


Ms Adelina Shala - Kosovo

About Retail Banking
2018-03-05 / Pristina

The seminar I found really attractive and inspirational for the existing service that my bank is offering, so it helps me coming with new ideas for the near future.

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