From 02 Oct 2017 to 04 Oct 2017    Financial Institution Corporate Governance - (ILA – cours premium)    in Tunis / Tunisia



Kristina Ilijoska - Macedonia
Product Development Specialist - Ohridska Bank

About Selling Financial Services & Managing Clinet Relationships
2017-07-10 / Skopje

Please come back! I would be more than happy if we met again for another training. I enjoyed these three days listening to your explanations and examples.


Kareem Ragaey Al Ganainy - Egypt
Senior Officer - Compliance and Corporate - BLOM Bank Egypt

About AML & CTF Foundation LEvel
2017-07-09 / Cairo

The course was very rich of valuable information in the area of AML and contains a lot of activities to engage the trainees and subsequently teaches us by practice not only by listening. This was the best aspect.


Zuo Ping - China
Trust Manager - Zhonghai Trust Co. Ltd.

About The Mechanics of Derivatives
2017-06-26 / Shanghai

This seminar is much better than what I thought. The lecturer gave interesting lectures and fun games. The content was practical and very up-to-date. Great seminar, should have more!


Binasa Ukaj - Kosovo - Banka Kombetare Tregtare (BKT)

About Training Seminar on Internal Audit
2017-05-02 / Pristina, Kosovo

The seminar was very clear and covered important information related to Audit & Control. The lecturer made sure to explain any unknown part and tried to involve the participants. Overall, it was a very well conducted seminar.


Fatime Bërbatovci - Kosovo - NLB Banka Pristinë

About Training Seminar on Internal Audit
2017-05-02 / Pristina, Kosovo

With many exercises and working in a group, the lecturer made us very active. Sharing experiences with other banks was also interesting.


Denis Malendra - Moldova - BC Comertbank

About PML & CTF, foundation level
2017-03-13 / Chisinau

Even if the seminar is not directly related with my daily work, I found this seminar very important, interesting and useful. I truly believe that our country will be able to develop and maintain a culture in order to make things work like in EU countries.

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