From 26 Aug 2019 to 28 Aug 2019    HR Talent Management    in Baku / Azerbaijan



Agon Paqariti - Kosovo - TEB SH.A

About Retail Banking & New Distribution Channels and E-Banking
2019-06-19 / Pristina

In general, it was one of the most non-boring trainings that I ever attended. A lot of examples, mostly based on experience of the trainer. Also, all of the information can be implemented in my bank too, which means even the samples were futuristic, none of them were impossible to be developed. It was a great experience and good opportunity to open our minds.


Vasa Paca - Kosovo - Raiffeisen Bank

About Retail Banking & New Distribution Channels and E-Banking
2019-06-19 / Pristina

I will remember the importance of customer experience, KISS in each initiative that I will undertake within a bank in the future.


Amer Ahmetagic - Bosnia - Herzegovia - Ziraatbank BH Sarajevo

About Cyber and Information Security Management
2019-05-22 / Sarajevo

This seminar met my expectations and even exceeded my expectations as it gave more insight into areas of information security, such as application security controls and forensic which I find most useful. I would be most grateful if more seminars of this nature are organized more frequently.


Nicolas Otilio - El Salvador - BCR

About Credit / Counterpart Risk and Risk Modelling
2019-05-20 / San Salvador

I took new ideas for my tasks that will help my work and the institution. Jérôme is an excellent teacher and I enjoyed the workshop. The House of Training defines and structures the topics and workshops nicely.


Ngagi Kabarega - Rwanda

About Train the Trainer
2019-05-14 / Kigali

The workshop is an opportunity for me to do something I have always wanted, but did not have the courage to start. It is a good basis and I hope there will be more occasions to improve my training presentation and facilitation skills.
My country is relatively young and coaching, mentoring and continuous training is really important.


Zhanar Kanayeva - Kazakhstan - National Bank of Kazakhstan

About Financial Institution Corporate Governance
2019-05-13 / Almaty

Since there is no pure Corporate Governance in my company, the content of the seminar brings an excellent image of effective governance. It was interesting to attend the course because of good examples from real financial sector's practice.

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