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Partner Regions

The Luxembourg government selects the countries that wishes to assist through its subsidized programmes. These countries are listed below.

In the various partner countries, the House of Training - ATTF relies on a network of official institutions:

  • Banks Associations
  • Central Banks
  • Financial/Banking Sector Supervisory Authorities
  • Ministries of Economy and Finance
  • Institutes for training in banking representing the banking industry

The partnerships have been largely designated within cooperation agreements between the government of Luxembourg and the countries concerned. Our partners are required to represent the whole financial community of their respective countries. Periodically, the House of Training – ATTF organizes study visits to these countries, in order to define or update their assistance strategies or to discuss and gather specific assistance needs.

List of countries:


Benin   Cape Verde   Egypt   Rwanda   Tunisia   West African Economic & Monetary Union  

America (Central)

El Salvador  


China   Kazakhstan   Mongolia   Myanmar   Philippines   Vietnam  


Albania   Azerbaijan   Bosnia and Herzegovina   Croatia   Georgia   Kosovo   Lithuania   Luxembourg   Macedonia   Malta   Moldova   Montenegro   Poland   Romania   Russia   Serbia   Slovenia   TEST   Ukraine  

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