From 28 Apr 2014 to 30 Apr 2014    Toward Basel III - Sberbank    in Moscow

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  • CAMFIN - Capital Markets And Financial Instruments Certificate

    Luxembourg, 16-24 June 2014 – Application possible until April 26 !!

    You are a front-office or a back-office professional of a bank or a financial institution with less than 4 years of practical experience in the industry or you have just started working in the filed but you have a good basic knowledge of the markets and products.

    Than the CAMFIN programme is perfect for you!

    The programme will offer an intensive and in-depth analysis of international securities provided by specialists in the field. The primary objective of this practice-driven seminar is to enable participants to thoroughly deepen their knowledge of the international capital markets, the financial instruments such as bonds, equities, repos, swaps, options and structured products.

    The applications forms can be sent in until April 26. We have already received applications from high-qualified professionals, there are some seats left. Don't hesitate to send yours if you recognize yourself in the target group. The ATTF partner in your country can provide you with practical information and send you the application form.

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  • Strategy, Performance and Risk Management in Microfinance - The SIMFI interactive Training course

    The third edition of a workshop dedicated to Microfinance Institutions Performance with a special focus on Risk Management will take place in Luxembourg from June 10 to 13, 2014 (4 days).

    This has been specially designed for executive directors, deputy directors or financial directors of medium-size Microfinance Institutions, known as Tier 2 and Tier 3 MFIs.

    This workshop is a unique opportunity for the management of medium-size MFIs to experience one year of a microfinance institution's life in one week time. The use of SIMFI, a special computer simulation program, combines theory with practice and enables interaction among a certain number of competing MFIs.

    Interested candidates are kindly asked to contact ATTF ( in order to receive the documentation and application form.

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  • BACK OFFICE professionals, save the date: 24 to 28 November 2014

    Following the great success of the first edition of the CAMBOC level II  - Mastering all aspects of Back-Office Operations of Securities Settlement, Clearing and Global Custody seminar, ATTF is proud to announce that the second edition will take place in Luxembourg from 24 to 28 of November 2014.

    The certification programme created by ATTF, IFBL and ICMA is assured by highly qualified and experimented professionals entrusted by the IFBL Quality Cercle. Reflexions motivated by the feedback of the first edition have evolved into improvements in the programme. Attendees to the 2014's edition will have access to a well balanced and structured seminar which will provide the unique opportunity to be Back Office certified. More detailled information will follow during summer.

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Multinational seminars held in Luxembourg

Complete list

Anti-Money Laundering Qualification Programme : Anti-Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing Foundation    19 May 2014 to 23 May 2014    4.5 days
Financial Markets Foundation Course    30 May 2014 to 04 Jun 2014    5.0 days
Strategy, Performance and Risk Management in Microfinance - The SIMFI interactive Training Course    10 Jun 2014 to 13 Jun 2014    5.0 days
Capital Markets and Financial Instruments Qualificatin Programme : CAMFIN Certificate : Capital Markets and Financial Instruments    16 Jun 2014 to 24 Jun 2014    5.5 days
Human Resources Management : HR@ The Crossroads - Multinational Perspectives    08 Sep 2014 to 16 Sep 2014    8.0 days
Financing SME : From Business to Credit Assessment and Management    06 Oct 2014 to 10 Oct 2014    5.0 days
Risk Management Certification Programme : Preparing to the Financial Risk Manager FRM® Exam Part II of GARP    13 Oct 2014 to 17 Oct 2014    5.0 days
Anti-Money Laundering Qualification Programme : Anti-Money Laundering Level II Preparation Course to the “Certified AML Specialists-CAMS® Certification”    20 Oct 2014 to 27 Oct 2014    5.5 days
Qualified Private Banker : Foundation Level    03 Nov 2014 to 11 Nov 2014    6.5 days
Risk Management Excellence : Connecting Luxembourg to Leading MFIs    10 Nov 2014 to 14 Nov 2014    4.5 days
Capital Markets Back-Office Qualification Programme : CAMBOC Level II    24 Nov 2014 to 28 Nov 2014    5.0 days
Capital Markets and Financial Instruments Qualification Programme : CAMFIN CMI : Crisis Management Initiative, Shocks, Lessons and Responible Management    01 Dec 2014 to 04 Dec 2014    4.0 days
ACI Dealing Certificate Preparation Course (Part 1)    02 Dec 2014 to 05 Dec 2014    4.0 days
ACI Dealing Certificate Preparation Course (Part 2)    09 Dec 2014 to 12 Dec 2014    4.0 days