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The greatest strength of the ATTF is its experts. Not only does the unique mission of the ATTF resonate strongly for them, they are seasoned industry practitioners with knowledge and experience from the Luxembourg Financial centre. ATTF trainers are recognised experts, with strong interest and competence in transferring their knowledge and skills.

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Train for the ATTF

Depending on the course, ATTF experts are selected either through the relevant industry association or may be selected individually by the House of Training, on the basis of their knowledge and experience.
ATTF experts do not have to be professional trainers but are representatives of Luxembourg and as such, must have a strong interest in the transfer of knowledge, the cultural exchange that takes place in our classes and demonstrate the highest levels of conduct and professionalism. Where the ATTF has the need for a skill set or course, the House of Training draws regularly upon its network of trainers but may also reach out to find specific profiles to fulfill its missions.
The demand for new courses and skills is in constant evolution and whilst there may not be demand for all courses or profiles, the House of Training welcomes serious applications by new experts for its ATTF missions.


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