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Inclusion and development through training and sharing of Luxembourg’s financial expertise.

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The ATTF is an initiative of the Luxembourg Government, which seeks to create an impact within its selected partner countries, through the transfer of knowledge, know-how and expertise in banking and financial services.

ATTF work is carried out firmly in the belief that the strengthening of national financial systems contributes to economic development and strengthens the mobilization of their internal resources. The ATTF aims to help strengthen the financial structure in partner countries, to support development, the creation of decent work for workers and to fight poverty.

The ATTF initiative adds substance and diversity to the relationships of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, in particular by providing opportunities for learning, development and cooperation in the field of banking and finance.


To achieve its vision, the Luxembourg Government offers ATTF vocational training with its financial support, which it does through the House of Training.

  • Close collaboration with partner countries. The local delivery of ATTF training depends upon the engagement and assistance of the local contacts in the selected partner countries, for which a close and proactive collaboration by Luxembourg is assured.

  • Training, coaching and online learning. ATTF programmes consist of training, coaching and online learning resources for its selected partners. These are organized in either partner countries, Luxembourg or online, depending on the needs and nature of the training concerned. The knowledge and skills transfer is used to help the financial sector institutions who send their employees to develop, increase or consolidate their competence.

  • High quality programmes. The ATTF programmes are designed to be relevant, high quality and applicable to its target audience who are primarily private sector commercial bank employees, working in the financial sectors of the selected partner countries. They offer individuals continuing professional training opportunities in support of their personal and professional development and encourage the spirit of enterprise.

  • Key partners in Luxembourg. ATTF programmes are based on the collaboration in Luxembourg between the House of Training and pivotal partners such as industry federations and associations, key financial sector actors, public institutions and individual experts, to create the learning resources and certifications necessary.

  • Sharing expertise. Through its ATTF programmes, Luxembourg seeks to evidence and share its expertise in banking and finance.

Financial Support

Financial Support for Training to Selected Partner Countries

The nature of the training services provided and their financial assistance may differ between partner countries. The level of each collaboration with each partner is established individually and is based upon multiple factors including: the Luxembourg government’s development strategy and programmes, the partner country’s location and economic context, the engagement of the local partner and the impact made by the programmes. ATTF collaborations also evolve over time, reflecting the changing contexts of the partner countries and natural life cycle of the relationships in place. The ATTF team is therefore available to partner countries to provide more detail regarding financial support for their specific ATTF activities upon request.

Participant contributions are routinely required to attend certifying multinational courses. Those that take place in Luxembourg typically require contributions from participants towards subscription fees, flight tickets and other expenses. Full details of these contributions are explained alongside the invitations to the seminars, at the time these are sent.

The Luxembourg Government contributes to the Funding of Financial Sector Development

In the words of the Directorate for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs of the Luxembourg Government, «In the past few years, knowledge sharing has proven to be a pillar of the sustainable development efforts and obviously financial and technical assistance is key to our current strategy on innovative and inclusive finance. Therefore Luxembourg continues to contribute to the funding of development and spur inclusive and sustainable growth. Broad financial sector development is seen as a facilitator for inclusive growth, as well as an enabler for the transition towards more sustainable economies, and is currently addressed by Luxembourg’s Development Cooperation mainly through capacity building and sharing of expertise.
Also, the promotion of innovative practices and capacity building can lead to empowerment.»

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