First physical seminar in Moldova since February 2020 is a wrap

3-day training course Financial Institution Corporate Governance

After the mandatory interruption due to the Covid-19 pandemic, during which time activities continued however online, our partner country Moldova hosted from 25 to 27 September its first ATTF session on location in Chișinău since February 2020.

On behalf of the House of Training/ATTF, with the financial support of the Luxembourg Ministry of Finance, and in collaboration with ILA and the Association of Moldovan Banks (ABM), our expert Mr Michael Schweiger travelled to Moldova, where he gave the 3-day training course Financial Institution Corporate Governance to an audience of employees of commercial banks of Moldova.

Financial Institution Corporate Governance

Understanding the importance of and main principles in the field of corporate governance in a financial services environment, including the major drivers, trends and challenges. 

The course will discuss relationships between managers, boards of directors, shareholders, stakeholders and investors; as well as demonstrating the role of governance through examples.

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