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New Distribution Channels in a global Retail Banking Strategy




Provide a global overview of the distribution strategy in Retail Banking, the combining of different distribution channels and the transformation needed to succeed. In parallel, added information about branches, future tools and Fintechs is given and linked to the Retail Banking Strategy.

The received information must serve to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the actual local bank strategy. The participants must be able to analyse the local environment, the transformation maturity, the different distribution channels and tools and help to build the own local scenario and the adapted decisions to be taken. They define the roadmap, the planning and the useful buildings blocks for their strategic evolution and the needed digital transformation.


New distribution channels in a global Retail Banking Strategy

Building blocks used for a new Retail Banking lifecycle management which will be covered:

  • Major trends and challenges of the Retail Banking

  • Distribution strategy and organization
    • From single to omni-channel strategy
    • Overall organization of a Retail Bank
    • Positioning of the Channels
      • Branches
      • Internet and Mobile
      • ATM
      • Contact centers
      • Social networks
    • Segmentation
    • Products and services
      • Mobile onboarding process & project
      • Which product for which client through which channel?
      • New services for Retail Banking
    • Socio demographic evolution and new banking behaviors
    • CRM
  • New actors / Fintechs / Artificial Intelligence
  • Change Management and digital transformation
  • Digitization (Digitalization)
  • From Marketing to e-marketing
  • Branches and new way of working
  • Brand
  • Pricing
  • Primary relationship, primary clients
  • Sales
    • Traditional sales
    • Direct Sales
    • Campaign Management and data management

Target Audience

Senior decision takers in Retail Banking


Please note that this course can be organized in 3 or 5 days.


Course Material

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New Distribution Channels in a global Retail Banking Strategy

The training touched on several ways and strategies the bank should embrace since it is quite obvious that there is a complete shift from the traditional banking to the new digitalized banking. This calls for the banks to improve on the retail banking and ensure that banking services are provided easily, efficiently and conveniently to the banking customers.

Kigali, March 2023

Mico MARK  -  Rwanda