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Shaping the Future of Your Bank - Executive Programme: A Strategic Bank Management Review

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C-level executives, direct reports and board members must move beyond “business as usual” to lead with greater transparency, accountability, and efficiency.

By addressing the critical challenges faced by top-level executives, the House of Training-ATTF aims to deliver a well-balanced program featuring practice-oriented lectures on Transformative Leadership, Banking Strategy, New Distribution Channels, Risk Management, Corporate Governance, Digital Transformation, Cybersecurity, Sustainable Finance, Open Banking and an interactive and highly participative workshop where the participant will be at the center of the action.


By targeting critical challenges confronting today’s top and senior management and having governance as the central point, this programme has the following objectives:

  • Re-assess the future of banking in the context of a fast changing environment; 

  • Provide a comprehensive review and share experiences on developing the strategic understanding of good governance; 

  • Explore forward looking leadership to sustain business success;

  • Enhance your ability to assess potential risks faced by your institution;

  • Analyse the latest innovative trends available in the financial industry in order to identify better ways to be fully efficient and keep an adequate level of Client Centricity;

  • Discuss new trends in branch network management, in e-banking and new distribution channels;

  • Gain exposure to the latest ideas in Strategy & Organisation;

  • Understand the impact of new technologies, including Fintech, on the established financial market and explore Digital Transformation;

  • Build a valuable network with international banks and institutions.

Guided by knowledgeable experts you will exchange experiences and ideas, discuss and challenge established routines. You will also be able to seize the interactions between different areas such as risk, compliance, governance and digital transformation.  

By the end of the seminar, you will acquire reliable knowledge and understanding of all these areas to support strategic transformation and decisions.


The approach will be practical and interactive, offering a mix of lectures highlighting best practices and panel discussions guided by highly qualified and experienced professionals members of professionals bodies in Luxembourg. Moreover, there will be visits to financial institutions to meet with their CEOs or observe a “live” environment of a Luxembourg-based universal bank. In addition, participants will experience a "real life disaster" playing an immersive role in a Cyberattack simulation. 

Target audience

C-level executives, direct reports and board members of commercial banks and financial institutions from House of Training-ATTF partner countries.

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Course Material

The training material will be handed out at the beginning of the course.

Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg
7, rue Alcide de Gasperi
L-1615 Luxembourg
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Shaping the Future of Your Bank - Executive Programme: A Strategic Bank Management Review


The professionalism in designing such a meaningful programme was remarkable: it was a quite significant programme, that included the most pertinent subjects of today's decision makers from one hand, and involved the notable financial sector representatives, from another. Moreover, the meetings with top managers of the various institutions related to the topics, were worthy experiences as well. 

I would particularly emphasize the training conductor's professionalism and skills in delivering trainings. Their preparedeness in conducting such targeted, thorough and compete training is especially welcomed. They are specialized in doing a great job!

I'd separately underline as well the impressive networking with fellow participants: always have to learn and exchange among them. I enjoyed a very positive atmosphere in communicating within a team. 

It was indeed, a valuable and delightful experience for a week. 

Seyran SARGSYAN  -  Armenia