Shaping the Future of Your Bank

Executive Programme: Strategic Bank Management Review

Shaping the Future of Your Bank, Executive Programme: Strategic Bank Management Review has kicked off with a brilliant presentation by Ms Lynn Robbroeckx, Secretary General, Luxembourg for Finance. The 19 representatives of 14 partner countries (Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cape Verde, Croatia, Ethiopia, Kosovo, Laos, Latvia, Moldova, Mongolia, North Macedonia, Romania and Serbia) will have a very busy week attending talks, round tables, fireside chats with CEOs and visits to institutions.

The goal of this programme is to proceed to a strategic bank management review dedicated to C-level executives, direct reports and executive board members from banks, mainly commercial, active in the partner countries of the Luxembourg Government.

This years’ programme is based on 5 key words: Humanity, Interaction, Digital Transformation, Sustainability and Strategy.

Such a complex and comprehensive delivery could never take place without the active collaboration of Luxembourg for Finance, Luxembourg House of Financial Technology, ILA, ALRiM, Luxembourg Stock Exchange and HRCommunity.

By targeting critical challenges confronting today’s top and senior management and having governance as the central point, the House of Training-ATTF aims to deliver a well-balanced programme with a robust set of practice-oriented lectures, which includes Leadership, Banking Strategy, New Distribution Channels, Risk Management and Corporate Governance, Digital Transformation, Sustainable Finance and a practice-oriented workshop. The content is blended with very enriching meetings with CEOs of Luxembourg financial center, leading to highly qualitative dialogues about the numerous challenges bankers encounter in today’s busy and unpredictable environment.

The round table and Fireside chats offer an excellent opportunity to have an interactive discussion with the panellists, seasoned experts from the Luxembourg Financial Center. 

Shaping the Future of Your Bank - Executive Programme: A Strategic Bank Management Review

C-level executives, direct reports and board members must move beyond “business as usual” to lead with greater transparency, accountability, and efficiency.

We are, more than ever, in a period of transformational change. Many bankers have so many open issues that sleepless nights are part of their normal life. It is therefore crucial for all bank leaders to be properly equipped for this endeavour in unchartered waters. Our Executive Programme should help you to shape the future of your bank.

The renewed programme includes the most pertinent subjects of today’s decision makers: Digital Transformation and Sustainable Finance.

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